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Our famous table sauce, great on everything from buffalo wings to ice cream. Used in restaurants throughout the United States. Recipes available. Available in 6 oz. w/sombrero, or quarts and gallons.
Jalape�o Stuffed Olives
For everything from smokin' hot martinis to garnish on a plate of enchiladas. 8 oz.
Bacon Flavored Bean Spice-- Perfect with any beans. Just add to water and beans while cooking. delightful. 4.25 oz.

Mesquite Barbecue Spice -- Delicious on grilled or barbecued meats. Just sprinkle, rub and cook. No messy basting with this spice. 4.25 oz.

Cajun Spice -- An outstanding, flavorful spice for grilling and sauteing meats, fish or poultry. 6.5 oz.

Pinto Bean Spice -- Add to beans when cooking. Try it, you'll like it! 4.25 oz.


cornmeal.JPG - 15725 Bytes More Southwestern Treats

Corn Meal -- Blue Corn (Navajo Maize) ground. For tortillas and other baked goodies. 3 lb.

Atole -- Roasted blue corn meal. 12 oz.

Posol� -- Traditional Mexican posol�. 12 oz.

Chicos del Horno -- Young corn, roasted, dried and ready for stews or soups. 12 oz.

Chile peppers -- New Mexico Grown. Crushed and ground, hot or mild, just ask - we've got 'em! 1 oz. - 14 oz.

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