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(best of all) Visit us here in Dove Creek. We would love to see you. We want it to be easy to get your beans! Or send us an email message by filling out the form below to tell us what you are looking for.

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Call our friendly folks at 1-800-542-3623. We will complete your order over the phone and get it shipped off to you immediately.

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Visit our online Store! Click here to Shop Online.

Click on our store link and peruse a variety of beans, salsas, sauces, chile and novelty products you can purchase online!

Adobe Milling Co
(970) 677-2620
60740 Highway 491
Dove Creek, CO 81324
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Contact Us!

Contact Us

For more information about our products or who we are Call our friendly folks at 1-800-542-3623

Featured Products

10 lb Burlap sack of Bolita Beans

Price $12.50

12 oz Raw Honey

Price $5.85

Adobe Gift Pack 1

Price $35.00

Adobe Gift Pack 2

Price $30.00


Adobe Milling Co

Adobe Milling Co

Contact Information:
Phone: (970) 677-2620
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60740 Highway 491
Dove Creek, CO 81324

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